women minimal clothing styled in basic crewneck tshirts knit joggers and black tote bag

Resolution Series: Work Out, Hang Out, Take Out

women minimal clothing styled in basic crewneck tshirts knit joggers and black tote bag





Start the new year with resolutions that focus on your overall well-being, health, mind and lifestyle.


In collaboration with TurF, a dynamic studio, shop, kitchen and coffee bar, we foster simple ways to create a joyful and balanced lifestyle all throughout 2019. Following TurF’s mission of living a life enormously that is fully led by purpose and passion, take the initiative to set important personal goals that will contribute to a better self – whether it be updating your look with our latest pieces, decorating your space with our homeware collection, working out more, eating cleaner, relaxing your mind or travelling the world.

woman styled in basic casual wear white cotton tee gray knit joggers sleek balck tote bag and stainless steel water bottle workout wear

Freshen your wardrobe for the new year with our latest collection of transitional pieces that easily takes you from work to play. A combination of casual wear and classic silhouettes that can be styled together to create a variety of looks. Our casual basics of unisex crewneck tees, knit joggers and cotton hoodies are ideal for a light workout and can be worn with a tailored coat for a contemporary touch when running errands. Style our versatile knitwear and pressed trousers with an oversized coat or open-front cardigan for any occasion. Make this your go-to daytime look whether it be to work, school or for a lunch date. Switch up your look for a sophisticated evening and wear our pressed trousers with a fitted turtleneck, a simple heel and oversized drop earrings. Designed to complement any lifestyle take our latest pieces from your 9 to 5 to your off-duty plans.

It doesn’t matter near or far – travel somewhere new. Keep things fresh and change the scenery around you by travelling to places where you’ve never gone before, it can simply be visiting a café in a different neighborbood in your city or planning a trip to a tropical country miles away.

Focus on feeling good and setting a smaller goals to keep motivated. Whether you’re an expert or beginner put that extra effort this year in working out. Make things exciting and bring a friend to work up a sweat by taking a class, joining a gym or going for a run.

Feeling good comes with eating clean – make a conscious effort in eating plant-based and nutritious meals as much as you can. Try out new recipes or creating your own dishes not only to stay healthy but to save money. On busier days, try eating out at places with menus dedicated to a healthier lifestyle. TurF offers alternatives to everyday classics with their own unique takes.

Cope with the inevitable stress that comes in your daily lives by listening to your favourite playlist, the latest podcasts, meditation series or catch up with friends and family members who you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Carry around a notebook and pen for creating lists, setting goals or writing your thoughts down to clear your mind. Take a break from texting and get in the habit of writing in a journal or reading a new book at the end of day as a way to relax and unwind.

woman standing styled in dark gray crewneck sweater and white pants and woman sitting styled in a beige bell sleeve sweater and waffle knit throw

TurF Vancouver         |        @turfliving

Creative Director — Kelly Lee 

Photographer — Maria Lang 

Still Life Photographer — Nicola Fuller 

Stylist — Marchel Eang

Models — Sara + Anastasia

Hair / Makeup — Gemma Kim