At Home With Greenery


A Story About Indoor Planting



We recently visited the founders of Foliosa, Britt and Courtney, at their Vancouver studio where they specialize in styling, installing and maintaining greenery for living and work spaces. We got the opportunity to learn more about them, their business and their day-to-day routines as we welcome this Spring season with our latest homeware gardening collection. Using our new ceramic planters designed with unglazed finishes and speckled patterns, Britt and Courtney walked us through elevating the home through indoor planting.

Q: Tell us a bit more about what Foliosa does.

A: Foliosa uses greenery to enrich work places, living spaces, and events. We believe that incorporating these materials into everyday environments encourages comfort and stimulation in those who frequent these spaces and provides a connection to nature that is often missing in our daily lives. We love talkin’ plants and host a number of different workshops including our favourite “Indoor Plant Care 101” which covers the basics for the (previously) green-thumbed!


Q: How did Foliosa come to be? 

A: Foliosa was dreamt up by Britt after she completed her training in Landscape Horticulture at the UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Research. We were friends for a few years before partnering in 2017 and realized that two heads really are better than one. Since then, it’s been a wild ride as Foliosa has grown and we’ve settled into our roles. We’re constantly reminded that we’re at our best when working together and that our respective strengths and weaknesses really balance each other out.


Q: What inspires you both? 

Britt: I’m inspired by the softness and resilience of nature. Plants seem to be hitting that perfect balance of strength and vulnerability. I’m also really inspired by the way that plants grow in the city; I have so much respect for weeds! They’re so smart and the way they climb and vine into the nooks and crannies of fences and buildings is really special.

Courtney: I’m fascinated by the way we interact with space and the way the environments around us influence our emotional and physical health, productivity and motivation. I love seeing the different ways people personalize their surroundings. Foliosa is rooted in a deep respect for biophilia, which is an understanding that humans intuitively seek connection with nature. I love finding ways to encourage these interactions in non-conventional spaces.


Q: Why do you think it’s important for people to have indoor plants? 

Britt: We’re all so disconnected from some of the basic principles of life and can learn so much from nature. Everyone knows that having plants in their space helps clean the air etc, but I think the biggest thing that anyone has to gain from having plants indoors is the reminder of the natural world out there. There are no shortcuts with providing for living things. You gotta pay attention and take care of them – I think that’s something that can be applied to all areas of life.


Q: For people who are nervous about caring for plants, what do you suggest? 

A: Start with a plant that’s mature and requires little maintenance. Newbies are often told to start small, so they adopt a couple of tiny tropical plants, often potted in small containers without enough potting soil necessary to keep the roots nourished – leaving them to dry out every day or two. This can be too demanding for people just getting their feet wet with indoor gardening. For upright plants that are tolerant from drought and adaptable to lighting, we suggest Sansevieria trifasciata (snake plant) or Monstera deliciosa (Swiss cheese plant) in a large 2-3 gallon pot. A plant with a well-established root system is much less sensitive than something small. For resilient cascading plants, we recommend Philodendron cordatum (heart-leaf philodendron) or Epipremnum aureum (pothos) in a 8-10” pot.


Q: What are some of your favourite plants to include in your own space?

Britt: I love the Kentia palm! They have the most incredible growing habit. The way that the fronds fall make them a great plant to have near your bed or couch so you can crawl underneath it while lounging at home. Tetrastigma is also a favourite hanging plant because the leaves are so large and new tendril shoots grow so quickly – you feel like you’re a master care giver.

Courtney: My favourite plant is the Ficus elastica (rubber tree). I have one at home that I rescued from my partner when we moved in together a few years ago. It’s still a bit scraggly but I love it – it’s got some serious personality. I’ve also fallen in love with Dracaena marginata (Madagascar Dragon Tree); they’re somehow really bright and powerful, but quite delicate at the same time.


Q: Is there a secret to keeping plants alive, healthy and happy? 

A: Pay attention, be consistent and keep their health balanced. Don’t be too overbearing, provide just enough love to keep them happy with a little independence. Check them once a week with no obligation to water, taking the time to observe their changes, touch them, and tell them they look sexy. Only water them once the potting soil has fully dried.

Thank you to Courtney and Britt for kindly welcoming us into their studio and allowing us to learn more about the beauty of plants and gardening. We can’t wait to hear more about the success of their upcoming projects. Their passion and connection to nature has inspired us to incorporate a little more greenery into our daily lives.

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Creative Direction — Nicola Fuller

Photographer — Kelly Lee

Videographer — Saina Atrchian

Stylist — Marchel Eang

Featured Studio Owners — Britt Wainwright & Courtney Ewan of Foliosa

Hair / Makeup — Gemma Kim