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The Beauty of Motherhood

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The Beauty of Motherhood

Meet Shereen Jupp, model, mother and editor of Mother Muse, focused on inspiring women


In celebration of Mother’s Day, we got together with Shereen Jupp, editor of Vancouver based fashion and lifestyle publication, Mother Muse. Dedicated to inspire women, Shereen not only spends her days curating artwork, conducting interviews and capturing editorials for Mother Muse but she is also a mother of two.

We also invited Shereen, along with her two beautiful children, into our studio for a photoshoot inspired by Mother’s Day. During the shoot, we got to know more about her, how Mother Muse came to be, what motherhood means to her and how she balances her busy work life with her personal life.

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Q: You have expressed that Mother Muse is a passion project, a love letter to your readers. Can you elaborate more on the back story and how you developed this concept.

A: Mother Muse was inspired through my motherhood journey when I first gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Adaline Rose. I struggled with postpartum depression being a young mother and not resonating with the things I loved prior to motherhood. The coffee table book is a highlight of high-end fashion and lifestyle with a focus on motherhood. It is filled with original artwork, articles, interviews and editorials.

Q: What is the future of Mother Muse and what do you hope to achieve?

A: Mother Muse has always been about organic growth. I hope it continues to flourish, grow, inspire and connect us together as mothers in a way that is beautiful, authentic, raw and honest. I recently have began expanding into a team and we are focusing on the digital platform – a lot of exciting things to come with our brand and publication.

Q: What Motherhood lessons have you learned and want to share with others?

A: Biggest lesson is patience. Your children teach you new things about yourself everyday. I think a big lesson is learning to cope with how you react and handle the tough times. I try to handle it with elegance because this will be instilled in my children. They watch how I respond to things and they learn from that.

Q: As a mother, who is conscious of fashion, what do you look for when shopping and styling yourself?

A: I look for pieces that are timeless and made of quality. I love supporting ethical brands and putting my money towards pieces that were made in an environment supporting their workers. I also love patterns but try and balance it out with earth tones, pastels or cream shades. I definitely feel becoming a mother has made me more conscious of my fashion choices.

Q: What are the challenges of balancing motherhood and professional life?

A: It’s beautiful chaos. I think you just need to go with the flow, I have been a full-time mother and career woman since my daughter was born. I play and focus on my little ones during the day and when they sleep I get most of my work done, but there can be some quiet moments when I get the time to dive into work throughout the day. We just take it day by day.

Q: What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

A: Now that I’m a mother, I truly love Mother’s Day. It’s not just a cliche from the adorable handmade cards to waking up to kisses in the morning along with breakfast. It’s special. I mean I think most mothers feel this from our little ones almost everyday.  It’s nice to take a step back and be honoured with a warm hug and enjoy ideally a peaceful quiet day with your family. I’ve always loved Mother’s Day before even having children of my own but it has a different meaning now because it’s more personal.

Q: What tips would you give to someone looking to wow their mom on Mother’s Day?

A: Well, I mean a nap and some reading time with a hot cup of coffee and a bouquet of flowers would WOW me.

We would like to thank Shereen and her family for coming into our studios and allowing us to capture beautiful moments with her children. We look forward to hearing more about her upcoming successes and we can’t wait for the next edition of Mother Muse. Her simple approach to motherhood reminds us to  appreciate all that our mothers do for us this upcoming Mother’s Day.

To purchase a copy of Mother Muse Magazine click here.

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Creative Direction — Neil McMillan 

Photographer — Caitlyn Van Nice

Stylist — Kelly Lee

Mother Muse — Shereen Jupp

Hair & Makeup — Carla Sahagun