City Saunter: LÉON | Editorial

WORDS BY | Nov 29th 2016

Swedish singer LÉON is a fresh, young artist in the industry and introduces her music and style to Oak + Fort. We collaborated with LÉON while she was in town performing for a private concert, on an editorial showcasing our Fall/Winter ’16 collection in the city bustle of downtown Toronto.

LÉON’s outfit incorporated statement, yet subdued Fall tones including olive, mustard and navy with staple classics. Layering with knits and wool pieces, the singer played with different textures and fabrics to create the quintessential seasonal looks to combat the Toronto chill.

Growing up in a musical household, music came naturally and almost immediately to LÉON. Her hit song, “Tired of Talking” put her on the map after shortly posting onto her Soundcloud, catching the attention of a myriad of listeners and eventually the attention of record label, Columbia Records. Her music comprised of infectious beats combined with her strong vocals embodies soul and youthfulness.

Since then, it has been a whirl wind for LÉON as her growing fanbase and demand for her music increases. Discover and listen to LÉON here.