woman wearing oversized blazer belt mini skirt and gold earrings

Curiosity With Form


Discover our latest Spring ‘19 collection inspired by design, art and history that sit at the intersection of form and function translated through modern pieces and updated silhouettes.


Design is composed of seven elements including line, shape, color, value, form, texture and space.From historical times to the 21st century, we have the natural ability to identify shapes, forms, colors and patterns. Everyone interprets and is affected differently based on things we see, we gain familiarity with these elements as it can spark a distant memory or create a new attachment to what we have seen.

Derived from a neutral color palette to embody our brand’s minimalist approach and uncomplicated calmness into a new season, the tones of our collection are intended to effortlessly complement one another. A combination of monochromatic shades and soft tones of macrame, beige, tan, champagne and rich olive were chosen to seamlessly incorporate into your wardrobe and space.

woman standing in seersucker dress with back ties holding woven open tote
man in matching set in beige blazer and cropped pants

Each collection focuses on variants of design elements, our latest womenswear, jewelry and accessory collections touches on shape, function and texture. A balance of structure and fluidity translated through our A-line skirts with sharp pleats, blazers with curved hems and pointed lapels, button-up blouses edged with contrast-piping and wrap tops with drawstring waist-ties that transform its original shape. These feminine silhouettes are crafted from fluid satin-like fabrics, seersucker textures and gingham patterns. Elevate your look with our new jewelry pieces composed of linked hoop earrings and dainty necklaces inspired by geometric shapes, architectural lengths and repeating forms.

Complete your looks with the latest from our beauty collection. In contrast to our apparel, our new beauty products take on more playful tone with color. Our coral lip and cheek duo, vibrant matte liquid lipsticks and earth tone pastel nail lacquers add a pop of color to any look.

man standing in matching set shirt jacket and cropped pants
man wearing cotton crewneck sweatshirt with square design

An interplay of line, form, value and shape is conveyed through our menswear collection of refined essentials. Clean lines and tonal layering with our latest pieces of lightweight jackets, geometric printed basics, knit polo tees and coordinated shirts and trousers to wear throughout the season.

 A new season calls for a refresh to your home, our new homeware collection take nods from natural shapes and forms found in history. Our spring pieces include a variety of vases made from ceramic, glass and clay in different shapes to create a simple statement in any space.

Our Spring ‘19 collection emphasizes the basic elements of the design and combines details found in the past and the present to create modern pieces that will stay timeless.

Creative Direction — Kelly Lee + Neil McMillan 

Photographers — Caitlyn Van Nice

Videographer — Saina Atrchian 

Stylist — Marchel Eang 

Hair — Gemma Kim 

Makeup — Luke Driscoll

Models — Annapurna Marlen and Aaron Pharness

Copy — Ariene Alvez 

Photo Editing + Layout —  Teresa Chan